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Our advertising may not be big, but our results spread across several states have been:

Some Verdicts and Settlements

- Land Fraud, $5.1 Million (offer: we pay them $24,000 on a note);  

- Construction Injury, $3.9 Million (after appeals) (offer, $100,000); 

- Truck Collision, $2.75 Million; 

- Medical Malpractice, $875k (offer, $100k); 

- Legal Malpractice, $890k; 

- Wrongful Death (policy limits, initial offer $0);

- Sexual harassment  $875k;

(representative examples only; past results are not reflective of future results or what your case may be worth)

John Charland works to protect the interests of honest, hard working Americans in states from Maine to California.  The firm seeks cases in Arizona, California, and Maine, though it has taken cases in many other states using local counsel.

We are proud of our reputation and the client base it generates.  Yet, some of our greatest victories have come in cases where our clients have been rejected by many lawyers, before being told to try John Charland. 

We do not eagerly call ourselves the "Lawyer of Last Resort," but we have acquired the reputation of being one's last hope on cases that were viewed as hopeless to others, but worth sizable verdicts and settlements to us. 

Our secret is not very secretive.  A case can be broken down to basic rules that govern reasonable conduct and harm, which are not always easy to prove, but if the lawyer believes in the case, if the lawyer believes in the client, then the client has a chance of having the case reach a jury so that justice can be rendered.  To do this, a lawyer must be completely prepared in every facet of the case.  We begin with the law.  We immerse ourselves in the facts.  But those are not enough by themselves.  A lawyer also must prevent and combat customary attacks, which almost always begin and end with attacking the harmed person and that person's credibility.  Sometimes, even one's doctor will not believe a harmed person.  Often that is because medical knowledge simply does not understand the injury.  For this reason, we carefully come to know our clients.  Because if your lawyer does not believe you, nobody will.

Our consistent track record and our uncompromising ethics instill confidence and trust. The Charland Law Firm is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every client. 

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